Yummy Sips & Edibles is a Nigerian based food and beverage company which specifies in producing farm crops into edible drinks and beverages for healthy living. Our products are; flavoured pap, Zobo drink and ginger drink. This healthy choice of beverage suite your everyday meal plan and are locally processed to retain the nutrients and benefits of each crop.


  • Corn Pap

    A choice of either Banana, Ginger and Vanilla flavor. 1500 grams family size

    ₦ 1500
  • Ginger Drink

    Pure ginger extract with lemon and honey.Available in a pack of 6 & 12

    ₦ 500
  • Zobo Drink

    Zobo juice with pineapple flavor. Available in a pack of 6 & 12

    ₦ 200

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